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What is a stock portfolio?

If you have ordered something online, you may remember the page called your orders which lists your orders history. A stock market portfolio or watchlist is a list of all the shares that you own or had bought previously. Though the implementation of a portfolio may vary between websites and depends on the platform that you may be running it on, some core features remain common to all kinds of portfolio software which are listed below:

  • The total value of your portfolio
  • The total value of your stock
  • Total profit
  • Total loss
  • Value of each stock
  • Profit made on each stock
  • Loss made on each stock
  • Percentage change in a stock’s value
  • The total shares that make up the stock
  • The current value of the stock



Stocks and Shares

Although the technical definitions state that a share is a single unit of stock, the terms stock and shares are often used interchangeably.
So saying something like I own “Stocks in Company X” is equivalent to saying that  you own shares in company X.


What is a share anyway?

A company may divide its ownership into multiple pieces which are called shares. The enter unit of shares is collectively called as stock. A company can have its stock divided into shares, at the time of business formation. Subsequently additional shares may be authorized by the existing shareholders of the company. In some jurisdictions, every share has a certain declared par value. The term, par value in the world of finance refers to the face value or declared value of a product. (more…)