Stock Market Timings

For all those who are looking to invest in stocks and also for seasoned investors wishing to have a quick peek, here is a list of the opening and closing times for 20 of the largest stock exchanges in the world.

Exchange Name Country Head-


Opening Time (UTC*) Closing Time (UTC) DST*
NASDAQ United States New York 14:30 21:00 Mar -Nov
Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan Tokyo 00:00 06:00
London Stock Exchange Group United Kingdom London 08:00 16:30 Mar
Euronext France, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal Amsterdam 08:00 16:30 Mar
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong Hong Kong 01:15 08:00
Shanghai Stock Exchange China Shanghai 01:30 07:00
Toronto Stock Exchange Canada Toronto 14:30 21:00 Mar
Frankfurt Stock Exchange Germany Frankfurt 07:00 21:00 Mar
Australian Securities Exchange Australia Sydney 23:50 06:12 Oct
Bombay Stock Exchange India Mumbai 03:45 10:00
National Stock Exchange of India India Mumbai 03:45 10:00
SIX Swiss Exchange Switzerland Zurich 08:00 16:30 Mar
BM&F Bovespa Brazil Sao Paulo 13:00 20:00 Oct
Korea Exchange South Korea Seoul 00:00 06:00
Shenzhen Stock Exchange China Shenzhen 01:30 07:00
BME Spanish Exchanges Spain Madrid 13:00 20:00 Oct
JSE Limited South Africa Johann-
07:00 15:00
Singapore Exchange Singapore Singapore 01:00 09:00
Taiwan Stock Exchange Taiwan Taipei 01:00 05:30

All data is as on 31st May 2014.


UTC – Coordinated Universal Time
DST – Daylight Savings time

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